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First LAUNCH class digs into digital marketing
Boh staff
By Staff

Last week, industry professionals gathered for Editor at Large’s first LAUNCH event, which focused on digital marketing in the social media realm. Expert instructor Mandy Gresh, who is a VP, Group Account Director at Big Fuel Communications, outlined the functions and success rates of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn and how to best navigate each platform.

Gresh stressed that while each platform is extremely different, one thing remains the same: “Social media is a two way dialogue, not a one way push.” She emphasized that if you’re not ready to engage with people, then don’t start on social media. “There’s nothing more that people want than to feel like they’ve been heard."

“It was great to hear Mandy’s professional take on the various social media sites and strategies for using them for promotional purposes," said Mike Gracie, President of GRACIE. "For my small business it’s important to use social media as a cost-effective marketing strategy while making sure it doesn’t take too much of my staff’s valuable time. Mandy helped me figure out ways to do that.”

A few top-line points from the class included the following:

-    Know your goals, why you are using social media and what message you want to get out. Be realistic about those goals and the time you have to devote to them.

-    Take the time to measure your success and make sure you figure out what’s working and what’s not.

-    Make sure you are following quality people and companies. Follow your competitors to see what they are up to.

-    Remember the 4 Cs: content, consistency, customization and community. Consistent posting (plan on two to three times per day) helps you to gain a following. Do one social media platform well, rather than all of them poorly.

-    Be authentic and entertaining and keep your posts short and sweet.

Gresh concluded the class by showing examples of interior designers’ work on social media, sharing news feeds and explaining how to put together a cohesive strategy.

LAUNCH by Editor at Large is a series of in-depth, interactive educational workshops led by expert instructors who cater specifically to design professionals. Although interior design is deemed a creative line of work, much of what designers do on a day-to-day basis is business related. Thus, LAUNCH was designed to explore the most relevant and challenging business topics that designers face today—drafting airtight contracts, invoicing, marketing, executing a public relations strategy, social media, pitching clients, selling design services, managing client expectations and difficult personalities—with the goal of equipping them with the necessary information and tools to be successful, in addition to facilitating networking opportunities for creatives.

A full schedule of fall classes will be announced in the coming weeks.

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