| Jun 7, 2010 |
Environmentally friendly fabrics slow to catch on
Boh staff
By Staff

Environmentally friendly fabrics are not first on the list for many upholstery companies, according to a report in Furniture Today, which explains that while there's interest in soy-based foams and lumber certified to be from well-managed forests, consumers have been only lukewarm toward chemical-free and pesticide-free textiles to cover their sofas and chairs.

The reason is that consumers are confused by what's good and what isn't.

"There are varying degrees of green and so much of that whole initiative has been lost at the retail level," said Michael Delgatti, executive vice president, sales and marketing for Hooker Furniture.

Even though upholstery is getting more environmentally friendly, it's a long way away. For example, feather and down is a green product, but it's counteracted by four to eight washings required to clean it and make it non-allergenic.

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