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Dror, Rockwell and Stern design luxury door collection
Aug 26, 2010

Architects Dror Benshetrit, David Rockwell and Robert A.M. Stern create a collection of interior doors for Italian manufacturer Lualdi, which will be available in January 2011.
“Like the designers who created them, each of the doors in our first ‘American’ collection has a very distinct personality,” said Alberto Lualdi, the company's president. “While they each explore materials and form in their own unique way, they share the attention to detail, quality, and forward-thinking design...” 
Dror Benshetrit creates a door that engages the wall with a minimalist slice: a diagonal fold gives the door a two-toned depth that reveals the inside door frame, giving the illusion that the door is slightly ajar. A fracture of light reflects on its high-gloss surface, and alludes to an inward swinging movement.
“A high-end door is one that is visually flawless, has seamless gaps, and an amazing finish,” said Dror Benshetrit.
Dror, Rockwell and Stern design luxury door collection
Chambers Hotel entrance designed by David Rockwell
David Rockwell’s door uses walnut with a brushed antique bronze frame and a vertical handle wrapped in leather, which runs the entire length of the door and was inspired by his design for the hand-carved entrance doors to the Chambers Hotel.
“My obsession with doors comes from the fact that they really define the first impression of a space,” said David Rockwell.
Robert A.M. Stern has created a series of three doors that reinterpret the doors of a classic New York pre-war apartment.
"Crisp panel-like layers are accented with the glint of metal to complement and enrich the clean lines of contemporary architecture," said Robert A.M. Stern.  "We want to combine Lualdi's Italian sophistication with a distinctly American flavor."

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