| Nov 3, 2014 |
domino closes the book on year one, looks to the future
By Staff

In October 2013, the new domino magazine came out of the gates at full-speed, re-launching with an all-new team and an all-new concept: commerce and content. One year later, it’s already time for a revamp.

“We just hit the one-year mark here at domino and have so much to be proud of,” said Beth Brenner, publisher of domino. “We’ve succeeded in bringing a venerable brand back to life, both in print and online, while maintaining the essence of the brand people love, and we have grown in so many ways.”

Original domino team: Michelle Adams, Aaron Wallace, Beth Brenner, Andy Appelbaum and Cliff Sirlin

When it re-launched a year ago, domino was not only a website and a quarterly print magazine ($11.99 on newsstands), but also a retailer. As such, it received wholesale pricing from vendors while charging retail pricing to readers.

Domino magazine now reaches 200,000 readers via subscription, has an online audience of 1.2 million readers per month, an email database of more than 400,000 subscribers and more than 160,000 Instagram followers. With the growth of its readership over the past year, domino has also increased its daily posting on the website to about half a dozen original content posts per day, from e-newsletters three to four times per week that highlighted archived stories, originally.

Robert Leleux

In June, domino’s Editor-in-Chief Michelle Adams stepped down, and the magazine promoted then Executive Editor Robert Leleux to the position.

“Our talented little start-up team has grown to include digital and commerce staffers as well,” Brenner said. “I now have sales representation across the country, and last week our new President, Stefan Pepe, officially started at domino. Stefan started Amazon and Gilt Home and was most recently the President of Ideeli—he is a brilliant, amazing guy and we are thrilled to have him here.”

Domino magazine covers

According to Brenner, with the addition of two new merchandising directors under the direction of Pepe, domino is very focused on fine-tuning its commerce strategy.

“Our strategy going forward is less about building the biggest marketplace around and more of a ‘curated Etsy’ approach,” Brenner said. “As you will see over the next few weeks, our evolving product mix is a much more curated collection—specifically chosen with the domino devotee in mind. We have studied what our particular customer wants to buy here and are putting the accent on unique, hard-to-find items that she or he can’t find everywhere else.”

Domino magazines and online platform

In addition to the updated commerce model, domino has added a special designer program with discounted pricing for interior designers who shop the magazine.

“Many designers have reached out to domino requesting a discount program and we have responded by launching the domino designer marketplace, which is being rolled out this month,” Brenner said. “Designers who register on our the site will be able to shop at a discount, will receive a one-year subscription to domino magazine and, among other soon-to-be-announced benefits, will be able to submit projects for editorial inclusion to domino editors. It’s a unique program designed with our interior designer friends in mind.”

Finally, domino magazine is working on the launch of a TV show: “We are working with an L.A.-based production company on conceptualizing the show as we speak and hope to have something great on the air for spring 2015,” said Brenner. “More to come on this soon!”

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