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Designers get hands-on at LAUNCH: Photography Crash Course
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Following the LAUNCH: Digital Marketing and LAUNCH: Cocktails & Contracts classes put on by Editor at Large, designers gathered once again last month to learn the ins and outs of interior photography, this time in a two-part session with interior savvy photographer Emily Gilbert.

The class began with a brief introduction of how to use a camera and what exactly needs to be shot. Gilbert discussed in depth the "triangle" of the shot, which includes the ISO, the F-Stop and the Shutter Speed. She explained that in automatic mode a camera will attempt to calculate the triangle for you, but it won’t achieve a professional look. She emphasized the importance of using the camera in manual mode and walked attendees through creating their own triangle settings.

Gilbert also discussed lighting, light meters, the need for a tripod and other important camera equipment. She showed attendees various camera features before moving on to the shooting section of the course.

As attendees practiced shooting vignettes in the room, Gilbert took questions and addressed the number one thing to remember when learning photography: practice.

For homework, attendees were asked to shoot three different shots and bring them back to class the following Monday—an overall shot, a vignette shot and a detail shot.

When class was back in session, Gilbert spent time dissecting each student's work and giving each tips on how to improve. Then, it was time to shoot again. Attendees were able to practice on a mock vignette that was set up in the space.

Attendees were also given a take home packet, which included all the slides and notes from Gilbert’s presentation. She also sent everyone home with great online resources and her information in case anyone needed to follow up with questions at a later date.

"Emily Gilbert's Interior Photography Crash Course was amazing," said interior designer Carol Neiley. "Her ability to demystify the use of digital cameras in manual mode and explain the particular challenges of interior photography were incredible. I walked away with a great understanding of how to use my digital camera, and how to shoot well-lit and composed interiors. I can't wait to take the follow-up intensive course!"

LAUNCH by Editor at Large is a series of in-depth, interactive educational workshops led by expert instructors who cater specifically to design professionals. Although interior design is deemed a creative line of work, much of what designers do on a day-to-day basis is business related. Thus, LAUNCH was designed to explore the most relevant and challenging business topics that designers face today—drafting airtight contracts, invoicing, marketing, executing a public relations strategy, social media, pitching clients, selling design services, managing client expectations and difficult personalities—with the goal of equipping them with the necessary information and tools to be successful, in addition to facilitating networking opportunities for creatives.

A full schedule of fall classes will be announced in the coming weeks.

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