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Core77 Design Awards submissions deadline tomorrow
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There's one day left to submit a design in the Core77 2012 Design Awards. The 17 categories range from consumer products to lighting to food design. Each will be judged, in 13 different worldwide locations, by four- or five-person teams, many of them industry leaders—designers, writers and educators. The results will be announced in live video broadcasts, streamed online in early July.

Here is a complete list of the categories and their jurors:

Consumer Products: Consumer products designed for personal use (home, work, leisure, health, sports, etc.). Judging Location: London, United Kingdom. Jury Captain: Nicolas Roope (Founder & Owner of HULGER/PLUMEN; Founder & Owner of Poke); Jury Team: Daniel Charny (Director of From Now On; Senior Tutor at Royal College of Art), Sofia Lagerkvist (Co-founder of Front), Sebastien Noel (Director & Co-founder of Troika)

Equipment: Equipment and systems designed for public, commercial, industrial, medical and scientific use. Judging Location: Changsha City, China. Jury Captain: Renke He (Dean and Professor at the School of Design, Hunan University); Jury Team: Jianghong Zhao (Professor at the School of Design, Hunan University), Cathy Huang (President of CBi China Bridge), William Wu (General Manager of Innovation Design Center at Haier Group), Jing Ping Lui (Dr. and Professor at College of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation, Hunan University)

Soft Goods: Apparel and products made from soft materials for personal, recreational, outdoor or work use. Judging Location: San Francisco, CA, USA. Jury Captain: Michael DiTullo (Creative Director at frog design). Jury Team: M. Coleman Horn (Creative Director and Founder at PHYLA, Inc.), Chris Gadway (Creative Directory at The North Face), Greg McNamara (Principal of Format Studios)

Furniture & Lighting: Furniture and lighting products or systems for private, public, commercial or industrial use. Judging Location: Chicago, IL, USA. Jury Captain: Zoë Ryan (Chair and Curator of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago); Jury Team: Chris Force (Publisher and Editor at Design Bureau Magazine), Sam Vinz (Co-Owner of Volume Gallery), Defne Koz (President and Co-Founder of Koz Susani Design, Inc.), Helen Maria Nugent (Director of Design Objects program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

Interiors & Exhibitions: Spatial design as it relates to physical interiors, exhibitions or installations, either permanent or temporary, and to any context (private, commercial, public or institutional). Judging Location: Brasilia, Brazil. Jury Captain: Nicola Goretti (Director of Grupo AG), Jury Team: Lígia de Medeiros (Designer), Fernanda Bocorny Messias (Manager of the Programa Brasileiro de Design-PBD), Daniel Mangabeira da Vinha (Architect and Urbanist)

Visual Communication: Graphic design, branding and identity projects for print, online or physical environments. Judging Location: Seoul, South Korea. Jury Co-Captains: Min and Sulki Choi (Co-Directors of Sulki and Min; Professors at University of Seoul and Kaywon School of Art & Design); Jury Team: Eunkyung Jeon (Editor-in-chief of Design Monthly), Kim Hyungjin (Graphic Designer; Partner of Workroom), Kyung-sun Kymn (Assistant Professor & Faculty of Craft and Design at the College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University)

Packaging: All graphic design, branding and structural designs related to the packaging of products. Judging Location: Paris, France. Jury Captain: Laurent Hainut (Co-Founder and Partner of Raison Pure Design Group / Founder, President and CEO of Raison Pure NYC); Jury Team: Patricia Tranvouëz (Managing Director of KENZO Parfums), Francois Brument (Designer), Joel Caussimon (Art Director of Pixelis)

Interaction: Interactive multimedia and user interface design for websites, mobile devices and experiential installations. Judging Location: London, United Kingdom. Jury Co-Captains: Matt Webb (CEO and Principal at BERG), Jack Schulze (Principal at BERG), Matt Jones (Principal at BERG); Jury Team: Eva Rucki (Co-Founder and Director at Troika), Sara Öhrvall (Vice President of R&D at Bonnier), Dan Hill (Strategic Design Lead at Sitra)

Service: All projects entailing the organization of users, communications, transactions, infrastructure, institutions and service. Judging Location: New York, NY, USA. Jury Captain: Panthea Lee (Co-Founder and Principal of Reboot); Jury Team: Shrupti Shah (Director of Deloitte GovLab), Ted Booth (Principal at Method, Inc.), Helen Walters (Writer, Editor and Researcher at Doblin), Lara Penin (Assistant Professor of Transdisciplinary Design at the School of Design Strategies at Parsons New School for Design)

Transportation: Vehicles or modes of transportation used to get people or objects from one place to another, in any context (private, public, commercial or industrial use). Judging Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA. Jury Captain: John B. Rogers, Jr (President, CEO and Co-Founder of Local Motors, Inc.); Jury Team: Victor Garcia (Senior Industrial Designer at Peterbilt Motors), Chris Cocalis (President and CEO of Pivot Cycles), Aurélien François (Community Liaison and Design at Local Motors)

Social Impact: Projects specifically designed to directly benefit social, humanitarian, community or environmental causes. Judging Location: Pretoria, South Africa. Jury Captain: Tasos Calantzis (CEO of Terrestrial); Jury Team: McLean Sibanda (CEO of The Innovation Hub), Seelan Naidoo (Group Strategy Consultant for Design SABS Design Institute), Allon Raiz (CEO of Raizcorp)

Educational Initiatives: Any educational class project, curriculum or institutional level program or tool that furthers the practice of design education or education about design. Judging Location: Pasadena, CA, USA. Jury Captain: Mariana Amatullo (Co-Founder & Vice President of Designmatters at Art Center College of Design); Jury Team: Alexandre Hennen (Director of Continuum Los Angeles), Johanna Blakely, Ph.D (Managing Director & Director of Research at The Norman Lear Center at Annenburg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California), Karen Hofmann (Director of Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory; Chair of Product Design at Art Center College of Design)

Strategy & Research: Design projects that predominantly utilize research or strategy in their product or project. Judging Location: Rochester, NY, USA. Jury Captain: Lorraine Justice (Dean of College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology); Jury Team: Don Carr (Professor and Senior COLAB Fellow at the Syracuse University Department of Design), Tim Fletcher (Business Development Manager at Daedalus), Katherine Bennett (Faculty member of the Art Center College of Design)

Writing & Commentary: Writing and critical commentary about designed objects, spaces or systems. Judging Location: New York, NY, USA. Jury Captain: Alice Twemlow (Chair of MFA in Design Criticism at the School of Visual Arts); Jury Team: Tom Vanderbilt (Writer), Michael Sorkin (Principal of Michael Sorkin Studio; President of Terreform; Distinguished Professor of Architecture & Director of the Graduate Program in Urban Design at CCNY), Maria Popova (Founder & Editor-in-chief of Brain Pickings)

Speculative: Projects that are pure concepts or proposals, whether self-initiated for fiction, discourse, intervention or exploration, or created as exploratory/speculative designs for a client or educational institution. Judging Location: TBD. Jury Captain: Bruce Sterling (Author of "Beyond the Beyond" at Wired); Jury Team: Bernando Fernández (Writer, Storyteller and Graphic Designer), Maria Bezaitis (Senior Research Scientist of Interactions and Experience Research at Intel Labs), Irina Kharseeva (PR Manager at AR Door)

DIY: Any personal project that is self-directed, self-produced and self-funded. Judging Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA. Jury Captain: Becky Stern (Founder of Sternlab); Jury Team: Hackett (Director of the Madagascar Institute), Yury Gitman (Founder of Banana Design Lab), Robert Faludi (Collaborative Strategy Leader at Digi International)

Food Design: Design at the service of eating, cooking, serving, distributing or experiencing food. Judging Location: Paris, France. Jury Captain: Marc Brétillot (Food Designer). Jury Team: Caroline Champion (Flavors Explorer & Food Consultant at Convergences Culinaires), Alexandre Gauthier (Chef of Contemporary Cuisine at La Grenouillère), Alok Nandi (Creative Director and Designer at Architempo)

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