Collaborations | Nov 22, 2016 |
Artist Lauren Collin debuts work at Liaigre
Boh staff

Thirteen pieces of artist Lauren Collin’s latest bas-relief series are now on display at the Liaigre showroom in New York. Designed for the exhibition, in partnership with Deborah Liaigre and the Liaigre team, the collection includes multiple sizes and layouts as well as some series, made with a grain Arches watercolor paper. 

Liaigre explains, “This exhibition, in particular, allows Lauren’s pieces to be exposed to an environment and light outside of the typical gallery space, providing a unique reading to the paper achievements. Light, layout and material form allow the viewer to observe the subtle and unique dialogue between Lauren’s works and the space in which they are displayed. This circumstance is crucial during her creative approach as these factors have a significant impact on how the viewer will perceive the work.”

“When Deborah Liaigre discovered my paper art and wanted to meet me, I was so touched and excited to speak about what we can do together. She came to my studio and we began to think about an exhibition in New York,” explains the artist. “I have been admiring Christian Liaigre works since I began to study interior design. Exposing my work in his beautiful universe is a great chance for me, and it allows for a different reading of my paper achievements than in other galleries. These are parts of a whole, a staging where every detail [has] its importance. Light, layout, material form of a case that allows the viewer to observe the subtle dialogue between my work and Liaigre furniture. It would be different in an empty space where the walls are painted black.”

Prices begin at $5,000 to $7,000 and range upwards of $20,000 to $25,000.

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