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Alessandro Mendini returns as editor-in-chief of Domus magazine
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By Staff

Architect Alessandro Mendini returns as editor-in-chief of Domus magazine after a 30 year leave. The first issue of his new tenure will be in April, to coincide with the Salone del Mobile international furniture fair. The appointment follows the departure of Flavio Albanese, who served as editor-in-chief for three years.

The choice of Mendini as editor-in-chief represents the publication's aim to re-establish its original vocation. Universally recognized as one of Italy’s foremost authorities on design, Mendini has the undisputed ability to synthesize the fabric and history of both theory and practice in contemporary architecture, with particular attention to Italian architecture and design.

“The slogan for the new Domus will be ‘for a new utopia’. The history of grand transformations in architecture and design is marked by the new utopias, and it is our intention to pursue this opening line. To scour the world in search of projects that demonstrate scenarios and attitudes of living that represent a positive way of looking to the future. Not so much new utopias of a technical nature, but rather humanistic and psychological: the ecology of exterior environments is preceded by that of interiors. In this sense the new Domus re-establishes its links with its origins as a ‘Magazine for the home’, offering examples of the dignity of living the city, objects and the home. The new design of the magazine will also evoke memories of the Domus of the past through the classic, radiant sequencing of its articles and images,” said Mendini.

Next year Mendini will hand the editorship of the magazine over to Joseph Grima, who has already been charged with overseeing the independent development of Domus’ web and new media content. “In an era in which images and information circulate freely, quickly and in abundance”, he explains, “Domus is looking to the future, highlighting its role as an agile interpreter of contemporary design culture. It is ready to evolve, keeping abreast of those same creative and artistic disciplines of which it is one of the most respected voices.”

The choice of Grima is indicative of the desire to see the Domus brand achieve greater outreach through a broader international perspective and tighter integration between its various communication channels, thereby offering its readers a renewed outlook on design and architecture, new topics for discussion and the exposure to new influences.

“Domus intends to redefine, as it already has done many times in the past, the process through which contemporary architecture, art, design and urban space are narrated, focusing particular attention on a context of intellectual production that knows no cultural barriers or physical frontiers. It will operate across a variety of communication platforms and offer a radically different take on contemporary design culture, no longer centered on the one-way transmission of information but rather on the idea of creating a platform for continuous dialogue and exchange between the design and artistic communities around the world,” said Grima.

Thanks to Mendini and Grima and their respective interests, specialisms and ideas, the Domus of the coming years will offer readers an extraordinarily rich and authoritative outlook on contemporary design culture.

Stefano Casciani will continue his mandate as deputy editor of the publication. Domus therefore consolidates its leading role as an international magazine on architecture, art and design. For over 80 years the publication has kept abreast of, promoted and anticipated architectural and artistic movements and every sort of creative impulse, providing a valuable information service for both the public and specialists.

Entirely bilingual (Italian and English), Domus is international in its format, content and circulation and to date over 45% of the 51,000 copies sold are distributed abroad in 88 countries. Domus also appears in Russian, Arab, Israeli and Chinese editions.

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