| Jan 14, 2010 |
AIA and TOTO announce strategic partnership
Boh staff
By Staff

In an effort to provide AIA members with greater access to cutting edge decision making tools for their practice, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) announced an agreement with TOTO USA, Inc., as part of the Strategic Partnership Program designed to provide unique collaborative opportunities and promotional rights with the AIA.

The AIA and TOTO USA have agreed to partner in the areas of thought leadership including innovation, technology, sustainable practices, and socially sustainable design (the confluence of Green and Universal designs). AIA staff will work with TOTO USA to develop new knowledge resources, education, and cutting-edge industry programs that will benefit AIA members.

AIA and TOTO USA have a unique opportunity to position social-sustainability and high design as an industry standard for 21st-century architectural design. Through the AIA's educational and promotional channels, TOTO USA will be able to educate architects and others in the building community about scientific breakthroughs the company offers in the US market. One such is HYDROTECT, a revolution in the field of the photocatalysts. These coatings’ super-hydrophilic photocatalysis offer three primary benefits for both interior and exterior surfaces: they clean the air (removing pollutants from the atmosphere) and create surfaces that are both self-cleaning and anti-microbial* (anti-fungal and anti-algae).

“In terms of Strategic Partners, we are looking for industry leaders who exhibit the principles of triple bottom line thinking as a core business value. TOTO USA's dedication to innovation, quality, value, ecology, and design is the reason we were interested in creating this relationship,” said AIA Executive Vice President / CEO, Christine McEntee.

The number of Strategic Partnerships will be limited to eight companies that closely align with the Institute’s strategic initiatives and mission. These select companies will be able to demonstrate how their products and services can better support the more than 86,000 AIA members.

"TOTO looks forward to this unique opportunity to collaborate closely with the leaders in the architectural community,” added Lenora Campos, Ph.D., company spokesperson. “Passionately committed to innovation as a company, our goal always is to advance thought to generate improvement and progress. For example, our partnership with AIA will enable TOTO to offer insights and education gained from the concentrated research and testing conducted at our Universal Design Research Center in Japan, the only one of its kind.”

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