industry insider | Sep 21, 2018 |
A first look at Cabana’s new anthology

Cabana just got even more collect-able. The five-year anniversary of the biannual magazine, helmed by Martina Mondadori Sartogo, is cause for the tome, which debuts this month. (Fans include Hamish Bowles—“Cabana evokes wonder and describes eclecticism.”)

Courtesy of Vendome Press
CabanaCourtesy of Vendome Press

Chronicled in it are stories, profiles, and interviews culled from the last five years, including the work of fashion and design world luminaries like Manolo Blahnik, Alessandro Michele, Patrick Kinmonth, Christopher Gibbs, and Annabelle Selldorf, as well as photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna, François Halard, Tim Beddow, Guido Taroni and others.

The magazine, which counts among its contributors Michele, Kinmonth, Ashley Hicks, Lee Radziwill and Carolina Irving, launched under Mondadori Sartogo in 2013 with the mission to “explore the offbeat and the unknown beauties in overlooked parts of the world, all with the support of Cabana’s talented editor, Martina Mondadori Sartogo, who champions interiors that are authentic, layered in history and deeply personal.”

The anthology investigates the “intellectual and emotional intimacy with buildings and their surroundings, ... the intense relationship of thought, place and the person,” says Mondadori Sartogo. “Cabana Anthology is about the magic of atmosphere and aesthetics inspired by the classics and Italian art history, and interiors where old and new are assembled to reflect the soul and history of a person or a family, not a stylist.”

The book is being released following the brand’s recent e-commerce launch, which, as the editor told WWD, is “basically bringing together a part of the business that we have developed in the past two years, with all the objects for the home and, in particular, our tabletop collections. This part has been growing really fast, so it was about time that we had our own shopping destination where people could find all our products and collaborations.”

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