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New “Domino girl” Jessica Romm takes creative reins at mag
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Tomorrow, Jessica Romm will officially start as Domino magazine's Editorial Director. She replaces Robert Leleaux, who left the publication after two years to pursue a new book project and relocate to New Orleans. Romm joins the magazine at a busy time: Domino Design Services, an online network of affordably-priced interior designers, launched earlier this week, for one. Plus, the brand is now casting for its first-ever TV series; the next Domino Apartment will be unveiled in November, and a sequel to Domino Book of Decorating will be published next year.

Years of experience writing and editing for GQ, Elle Decor, Elle, Conde Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, and the Off Duty section of The Wall Street Journal, as well as a new Estee Lauder media property, render her an ideal fit for the role, says Beth Fuchs Brenner, chief revenue officer at the company.  “I had specific criteria while we were searching. One, that she’d be the ‘Domino girl,’ and Jessica is the ‘Domino girl’ in every way. Two, [a candidate who is] tapped into a network of great style influencers. And, three, somebody who had worked in various types of media. Jessica fit all of those!” The new director already has a hand in the book sequel project, says Fuchs Brenner.  “It’s a super exciting time for us. She’ll have a voice in shaping the brand as it goes forward. “

Romm shared her take on what readers, viewers and shoppers can expect in the next few months from the Domino brand.  

Where do you envision Domino in the next six months? Next year?
Domino 2.0 does the legwork for our readers in a way that no other publication is doing. Through the lens of the great designers, shops, and stylish influencers that we'll feature, Domino brings you the most coveted furniture and accessories for your home and makes them entirely shoppable on our content and commerce site. Expect to see more tastemaker features, entertaining, and fun personalities in the magazine.

I want to make Domino the ultimate insider guide for everything in the style and design world you need to know about right now. Also, we're really excited about integrating the print and online content so the two are more closely aligned. So more shopping guides, local content, how-to’s and video on the site.
You’ve been called the "quintessential Domino girl." How do you envision incorporating your diverse background in travel, fashion and entertaining into the magazine?
Well, that’s a fun compliment! I’ve always been obsessed with seeing the world through the eyes of the friends and stylish people whose filters I trust. Don’t you want to know where your favorite designer is shopping or traveling to right now? Through the lens of tastemakers and influencers in fashion, interiors, art and food we’ll bring you the people who are top of mind and lots you haven’t heard of yet. We want to be the go-to source for bringing you the stylish things you need to know about right now.

And we’ll make every feature shoppable so you can bring them home.

What is most exciting about this opportunity? What is the biggest looming challenge?
I wrote for the Domino in its first life, and there really was a void when the magazine folded. I still don’t think that need has really been answered. One of the most exciting things about Domino 2.0 are the challenges — obviously [there are] giant shoes to fill, with the love readers have for the brand. Basically, it just has to be great… But, no pressure!

Can you share any previews from your first issue?
Look for lots of inspiring spaces, a very cool up-and-coming artist, and some Los Angeles projects we are very excited about.  Also, we want to make sure we’re delivering service to our readers: We’ll show them how to do things in the print version with great photos and lively design that you just can’t get online.

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