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2015’s World Interiors Day focuses on 'Design for All'
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In the design community, spring—particularly the month of May—plays host to a plethora of events highlighting the merits of the profession including trade shows like the Furniture Market in High Point and Maison&Objet in Miami to public design shows like NYCXDesign in New York City and Legends of La Cienega in Los Angeles. At the pinnacle of it all is World Interiors Day, and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers has decreed that Saturday, May 30, organizations across the globe will band together to celebrate the year’s theme: “Design For All.”

Association of Professional Interior Designers in the UAE celebrating World Interiors Day 2014

World Interiors Day’s mission is to bring to light the value, relevance and responsibility of applying good design into culture, business and knowledge—and bringing that knowledge to the general public. 

“It is, after all, for humanity, our ultimate client, that we design,” the IFI mission statement reads. “We shape spaces that shape the human experience.”

Swiss Association of Interior Architects/Designers celebrating World Interiors Day 2014

Last year, the World Interiors Day theme was “Design Matters,” and organizations including the Association of Professional Interior Designers in the UAE, the Association of Russian Designers, and the Chinese Society of Interior Designers, among others, worked to promote the role design serves as a medium for positive change, how it affects people’s quality of life, and how it promotes creativity and innovation in many corners of the world.

World Interiors Day has yet to gain much traction stateside, though the IFI encourages interior design and architecture firms, manufacturers and showrooms and design centers to host open houses, panel discussions and round tables with design editors, curate exhibitions and art events, and host kids’ activities to mold the minds of the next generation of designers and architects.

Members of the Chinese Society of Interior Designers celebrating World Interiors Day 2014

The IFI is interested to know how designers plan to celebrate and asks them to send in topics, events, posters and pictures to secretary@ifiworld.org.

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