Accounting Responsibilities of Interior Designers
Justin masonek 2022
Instructor Justin Masonek, April 12, 2023; 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST. Online
April 12, 2023 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST

While you may prefer scouring shops for the perfect antique wall sconce over setting up an escrow account or reconciling your credit card and bank statements (who wouldn’t?), staying on top of your finances and making sure your taxes are in order are crucial to keeping your business above board and in the black. 

Resistance to bookkeeping is commonplace, but—despite what you may have come to believe—managing your finances is not something to be feared. In this workshop, Justin Masonek, who has helped countless designers with their business operations, will demystify all things numbers-related so that your accounts are in order and you’re in good standing in the areas of sales tax, credit card management and bank account reconciliation.

In this class, attendees will learn:

- General income elements and the balance of pricing strategy
- The responsibilities that come with collecting and remitting sales tax and what it means to be the final point of retail sale in the states where you’re registered to do so
- The best methods for staying on top of entering and categorizing credit card transactions
- The step-by-step process for reconciling monthly bank statements

After this class, attendees will have: 

- A better understanding of general accounting responsibilities and their specific applications to the interior design field
- A working schedule of what needs to happen each month and quarter to meet these responsibilities

Additional Information:

This workshop is conducted through Zoom webinar. All you need to join is reliable internet access and computer speakers with good volume.

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Justin Masonek has 15 years experience working with interior designers, teaching them how to manage their finances so that they have the necessary infrastructure in place to grow their business while still focusing on the more creative aspects of their projects. After receiving a degree in accounting from Boston University, he established his own consulting service, narrowing his focus primarily to the interior design field as of 2007. Recognizing the need for strong administrative support in this complex industry, he prides himself on doing “just about everything except the design work” for his clients. This includes managing vendor payments, overseeing the expediting process, executing sales tax obligations and preparing all business reports for tax preparers.