The Design Business Course
November 13 - December 30
A Design Partnership
A Design Partnership is thrilled to announce the launch of The Design Business Course, which will offer interior designers and other brands in the industry the skills needed to grow their businesses and maximize their public presence. The six-week course, which will become available for a one-time purchase of $1500 on Friday, November 13th through Thursday, November 19th, is built to help designers and other professionals in the industry create, plan, promote and market their businesses clearly and effectively. Through The Design Business Course, participants will learn not only how to gain clients and maintain a stream of client leads, but will more importantly adapt the skills required to attract higher quality, like-minded clients that they genuinely enjoy working with. Each week, beginning on Friday, November 20th, participants of The Design Business Course will go through a weekly lesson guide with easy actionable checklists, and will host live weekly Zoom Q&A sessions lead by A Design Partnership’s Founder, Natalie Norcross, that provide designers with the opportunity to ask questions and create a more personalized business plan. The six lesson plans will cover the following topics: Content Marketing & Social, Email Marketing, Online Marketing/Blogs & SEO, Networking & Partnerships, Giving Back to Your Community and Getting Published. All marketing materials will be downloadable and Zoom sessions will be recorded, available for participants to refer to at any time, even after the last session takes place.
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Sheraton Greensboro Four Seasons, North Carolina, April 17
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