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Instructor Katharine Earnhardt, January 17, 2018; 9:30. 200 Lexington Avenue, Conference Room
January 17, 2018 9:30
200 Lexington Avenue, Conference Room

Selecting art for your clients' spaces is inherently an intimidating process; is cheap art OK? How do you advise on quality? How can you motivate your clients to decide? This workshop will provide practical tips for expanding your scope, finishing your space, and ultimately increasing your revenue through art sourcing.  Art advisor Katharine Earnhardt, President of Mason Lane Art Advisory, will provide guidance on resources within the art market, assessing quality, costs to consider (and creating an art budget), and practical tips for making the sale. 

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to identify the best resources within the art market
  • How to assess quality
  • Costs to consider and how to create an art budget
  • Practical tips for making the sale

By the end of this class you will have: 

  • A clear process for how to add art sourcing to your business offerings 

Katharine Earnhardt founded Mason Lane in 2014 because blank walls aren’t fun and buying art is tough. She have a background in art and business, a love for design, and a solid track record for effectively servicing clients. Through experiences at institutions like MoMA and Christie’s, among others, Katharine learned that being creative, practical, transparent, and dedicated go a LONG way.  Apparently this is true in the art world and real life, and maintaining these qualities earned her abnormal responsibility at a young age -- she was networking with museum Trustees, flying to international art fairs, and overseeing business development efforts in other countries when “kids” her age were sitting at a desk.  The education this provided in art, business, and strategy were the perfect complement to Katharine's art history and economics studies at Williams College, and her Art Business Masters from Sotheby’s Institute.  Katharine is grateful every day to put this all together in one package, helping clients style their walls through Mason Lane. Katharine lives in Brooklyn with her Southern-transplant husband, their two girls, and their cat Baci.  They like food, fresh air, and biking around Brooklyn.