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Boston Design Center | November 15 | 10:00 A.M.

Who knew client management could have such an impact on your bottom line? How you manage your clients directly impacts the pro tability of your projects. As the designer, it’s up to you to clearly translate your process to your clients so that you’re in the driver’s seat, not the other way around. During this session, business consultant Sean Low will outline best practices for managing clients’ expectations and provide the framework for a variety of charging models, so that you can determine what best suits your business. Because every designer has the same end-goals: to complete projects on time, keep clients happy and get paid what you deserve. You will learn: • How to be of service to your clients, not in service • Client management processes to implement through all phases of the relationship: from the first meeting to project installation • What to charge, when to charge and how to account for your time • The pros and cons of various pricing structures

The LAUNCH program was a perfect fit to the PDC narrative, presenting a comprehensive day of insights delivered by A-list practitioners across a spectrum of essential business matters."
Jeff Sampson, Marketing Director of the PDC
Sean Low

Sean Low provides practical business advice to those in the business of being creative. Prior to starting The Business of Being Creative, he developed long-term consulting relationships with several creative businesses and was the President of Preston Bailey Design, Inc., representing Preston in all of his business endeavors throughout the world from September 2003 until July 2009. Sean Low has a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his business experience ranges from law, investment banking, financial executive to small business owner.

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