on the beat | May 11, 2018 |
Why this company is doubling down on influencers

The country’s largest specialty lighting retailer is making inroads with West Coast interior designers. Lamps Plus has selected five California designer influencers to serve as company ambassadors for the upcoming year: photographer and writer Courtney Allison, designers Lori Dennis and Roxy Sowlaty, writer Orlando Soria, and lifestyle and design blogger Kristy Wicks.

The crop of designer ambassadors: (From left: Courtney Allison, Roxy Sowlaty, Lori Dennis, Kristy Wicks, Orlando Soria)
The Lamps Plus designer ambassadors: Courtney Allison, Roxy Sowlaty, Lori Dennis, Kristy Wicks and Orlando Soria

Allison, a San Francisco Bay Area photographer, writer and blogger, will see her first book, French Country Cottage, published this fall, while Los Angeles–based Soria’s debut book, Get It Together, was just published this spring. L.A. author and designer Dennis specializes in green, luxury and high-end interior architecture, while Beverly Hills native Sowlaty runs an interior design firm, and Wicks runs her lifestyle brand from San Francisco. The new team visited the Lamps Plus L.A. headquarters earlier this spring.

“It’s no secret that consumers trust word-of-mouth endorsements and advice, especially when it comes from experts and influencers with a passion for the products they’re sharing,” says Lamps Plus CEO Dennis Swanson. “Each ambassador offers a distinct style, personality and expertise. Along with that, they all share a deep, enthusiastic passion for design. We hope these ambassadors will help showcase the breadth and quality of Lamps Plus designs, and connect with our customers on a genuine, personal level.”

“I am ecstatic to be an official brand ambassador for Lamps Plus,” says Dennis. “It’s a very organic fit for me, because I use the products in my interior design projects and have always had such wonderful experiences with everything connected to the brand. I’m eagerly looking forward to being involved with this partnership throughout the coming year.”

The Lamps Plus Ambassador Program is designed to get the word out via designers and influencers who promote the lighting brand’s products in their design projects, and it also includes a blogger network and affiliate program.

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