| May 25, 2016 |
Vintage furniture, decor pricing guide released by Chairish
Boh staff
By Staff

The Chairish Pink Book lets users type in keywords to describe their items and instantly provides a suggested listing price range, based on an extensive database of similar items that have been sold. The first sellers to use the service, sisters Marlien and Coliena Rentmeester, will debut a 45-piece sale on Chairish today at 1 p.m. EST. Their sale encompasses chinoiserie accessories, Hollywood Regency seating and Indonesian antiques.

“Until now, vintage lovers have lacked an easy, accurate way to determine the value of a vintage piece,” shares Chairish cofounder and president Anna Brockway. “The Chairish Pink Book transparently educates buyers and sellers on real trading prices. By empowering both buyers and sellers with shared and accurate pricing information, The Chairish Pink Book eases the negotiation process and answers, once and for all, the age-old question: Am I getting a fair price?”

Brockway answered a few of EAL’s burning questions: 

Where did the idea for The Chairish Pink Book come from?
The idea for The Chairish Pink Book came straight from our customers. Sellers were asking, “How should I price my item?” And buyers were wondering, “This piece seems like a good deal, but am I right?” To answer both sides, we created The Chairish Pink Book, as the first authoritative pricing guide for vintage furniture and decor.

Do you draw on data outside of Chairish’s own sales?
The Chairish Pink Book provides buyers and sellers with real selling prices for items sold on Chairish. We show final “out of the door” prices for previously sold items, a visual of the item itself, the region from which it sold and the condition. This information empowers sellers and buyers with real-time pricing data so they can price and bid with fact-based confidence.

What items seem hardest to price?
With hundreds of thousands of completed sales transactions, Chairish has a relevant selling history to match most queries. There’s not much we haven’t sold!

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