| Aug 17, 2011 |
Stephen Fanuka to star in 'Million Dollar Contractor' series
Boh staff
By Staff

"Contractor to the Stars" Stephen Fanuka will star in the new show Million Dollar Contractor on DIY Network premiering this Fall.

To his clients, Fanuka is the perfect general contractor with an unmatched reputation for high-end work across New York City and the Hamptons. But on Million Dollar Contractor, getting the job done right, on time and on budget, isn’t always as pretty as the $200-a-square-foot marble he installs. The show takes viewers into a fantasy world of unbelievable materials, opulent spaces and incredible dollar signs that can be a nightmare to deal with, but it’s his job.

DIY Network's Programming Director Steven Lerner shared some juicy details about the show in an exclusive interview with Editor at Large.

EAL: What was the inspiration for the show?

SL: New York City and the surrounding area is such an iconic place.  Shows like HGTV’s Selling New York reveal one side of the real estate market, but at DIY Network, we were wondering about the “who,” and how they build these million dollar spaces.

EAL: Why Stephen?

SL: Stephen is the go-to guy in New York City when it comes to building.  People call him the 'Contractor to the Stars.' He is a master craftsman (learning from his dad) and has a great outgoing personality, so when we thought of the idea, Stephen was really the guy to go to.

EAL: What do you hope viewers will take away from the show?

SL: The “wow” factor of these spaces. The details, the materials, and the insane amount of money people spend for the work he does. We really get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most amazing spaces and construction and how it gets done. Even though they are million dollar projects, many of the same issues and problems that happen on-site, people can relate to at home.

EAL: Highlights from the 'making of' the show?

SL: We have been shooting for months and the projects and stories are just amazing.

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