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NYSID offers Basic Interior Design certificate, onsite and online
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The New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) prides itself on providing various options for studying at the college, whether it’s full- or part-time study, undergraduate or graduate programs, or pre-professional or professional degrees,” said NYSID President David Sprouls. “Now we are offering one more—the ability to get a NYSID education from anywhere in the world.”

The non-degree Basic Interior Design (BID) certificate program is a preparatory course of study that provides an introduction to the field of interior design. The program is the foundation of the college's undergraduate degree programs, no portfolio is required for admission and it is offered both onsite and online.

New York School of Interior Design

“When we first started exploring online education, I wasn’t sure how well the onsite courses would translate into an online format,” said Sprouls. “But I’ve been blown away by the results.  All online learning courses have the same great faculty members teaching and classes with only around a dozen students, but now with the added benefit of advanced communication technology, convenient 24/7 access to lectures and demonstrations, and relevant material available at your fingertips.”

The BID program was created with the desire to prepare students to continue in one of NYSID’s undergraduate degree programs or to pursue entry-level positions in the interior design industry. Upon completion of the BID, students can apply to the BFA or AAS degree program, since they will have developed the required portfolio.

“For aspiring designers who don’t live in and around New York, or just need the flexibility of online study, it’s the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of interior design,” said Sprouls. “Best of all, if you want to pursue a degree, you can transfer credits into our AAS, BFA or BA programs. And it is only the beginning for us as we will be adding additional programs and continuing education courses to our online learning options.”

The curriculum emphasizes the fundamental skills and knowledge of interior design, architecture and the visual and decorative arts, and the same NYSID faculty that teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs teach the course.

Introductory courses focus on drawing, design concepts, and design history, thereby building a foundation-level understanding of the technical and aesthetic principles essential to comprehending space planning, color, drafting, and materials and finishes.

“There is a bit of irony to all of this as well,” said Sprouls. “When NYSID was founded almost 100 years ago we offered a Home Study Course that became wildly popular and was considered cutting edge in its day. As we approach our centennial, it is almost like we have come full circle by offering the latest technology to provide the best design education there is. It is very exciting for us as well as for those looking for a superior NYSID education.”

The BID certificate can be achieved on a full-time or part-time basis, but alone is not sufficient for graduates to be eligible for licensure without further professional education and experience.

For more information about the BID program, contact admissions or call (212) 472-1500 x205.

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