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NYSID gala honors interior design greats, restoration efforts
By Staff

The annual New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) Benefit Dinner took place on Tuesday, March 10 at the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Plaza. At the sold-out event, designer Bunny Williams and antiques dealer John Rosselli received the Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award, while architect Edmund Hollander and the New York Restoration Project were honored with the Thomas N. Armstrong III Award and the Green Design Award, respectively.

Alexa Hampton, Betsey Ruprecht, David Scott and Newell Turner served as benefit co-chairs for the evening, with a who’s-who of the design world in attendance for the celebration.

Bunny Williams and John Rosselli.

“[It’s] very moving, I’m very flattered,“ said Bunny Williams. “One of the most important things is to support education. In the design world, education is where it begins.”

“We were thrilled to recognize Bunny Williams, John Rosselli, Edmund Hollander, and the New York Restoration Project for their outstanding contributions to design,” said Patricia M. Sovern, chairman of the NYSID Board of Trustees. “Our benefit dinner, which supports scholarships for the designers of tomorrow, is one of the design community’s most anticipated annual events, and brings together leaders in the fields of architecture, interior design, and philanthropy.”

David Sprouls, Bunny Williams and Margaret Russell.

Williams has long been a trailblazer in the design world. Her classic yet unpredictable style as well as knowledge of decorative arts and skills as a designer earned her a place in the Interior Design Hall of Fame. Today, her works is featured internationally in newspapers and film, on television and online. She and husband Rosselli own Treillage, a shop offering antiques, ornaments, garden furniture and special accessories since 1991.  Rosselli’s eponymous showroom in New York City has been a top resource for designers for over 50 years. His three additional showrooms in Washington, DC; Dania, Florida; and Chicago, Illinois have all developed their own loyal followings.

Jayne Michaels, Stacy McLaughlin, Joan Michaels and Amy Lau.

Miles Redd and Kate Kelly Smith.

"I felt so thrilled to be able to introduce John Rosselli (not to be confused with Bernardo Roselli, the Uruguayan chess master) and to present him with the New York School of Interior Design's well earned Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award," said Hampton. "He has gifted the design community with the spoils of his treasure seeking taste for so many years, providing us with the most beautiful objets, antiques, and smart reproductions besides, that to finally be able to give him something was a unique and special moment. He may have been the youngest of fourteen kids and the baby of his family; but, in our community, he is the ultimate beloved godfather, sprinkling us with his fairy dust."

Newell Turner and Betsey Ruprecht.

"It was a wonderful evening, high above New York in the famed Rainbow Room. Being honored by the New York School of Interior Design I felt that I had finally graduated!" said Rosselli.

Hollander is the president of Edmund Hollander Design, which encompasses landscape architects, environmental planners and horticulturists. He has previously been the president of the New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and was recently named a Fellow for the organization. The New York Restoration Project (NYRP) is a non-profit dedicated to the idea that all New Yorkers deserve beautiful, high-quality public space within walking distance.  Founded by Bette Midler in 1995, the organization plants trees, renovates gardens, and restores parks across New York’s five boroughs.

Edmund Hollander, left. Alexa Hampton and Bunny Williams, right.

Also featured at the gala was the NYSID exhibition Rescued, Restored, Reimagined: New York’s Landmark Interiors, currently on view at the NYSID Gallery until April 24. The exhibition draws attention to the 50th anniversary of the New York Landmarks Law, and encourages an open discourse on the future of the city’s landmarks.

Also in attendance were several students, as guests of Donghia, Inc. and Amy Lau.

"I was fortunate to attend this year’s gala dinner and meet some of today’s most successful designers and industry leaders, a truly amazing and inspiring experience!" said NYSID student Krista Gurevich. "There was a moment during the benefit, as I looked around the room at all of these incredible designers, that I realized how lucky I am to be entering an industry that not only takes the time to honor the beautiful work of their colleagues, but also actively supports and encourages the future designers of tomorrow."

Photos by BFA NY, LLC.

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