| Aug 5, 2011 |
New shelter magazines thrive in international markets
Boh staff
By Staff

2012 will see the launch of international shelter magazines such as Interior Design China, Surface Asia, Architectural Digest India—not to mention magazines cropping up throughout Russia, Brazil, India and Korea.

Alexandria Abramian-Mott attributes this phenomenon to a growing demand for interior design ideas among a burgeoning middle class in a Special to the Los Angeles Times. "These new foreign shelter magazines are glossy paged journals dedicated to showing the latest and greatest in furniture, fixtures and appliances. They walk readers through the homes of yuan-aires and ruble-aires. Brick-heavy with ads, the magazines harken to the pre-recession age of home design publishing in the U.S.," she writes.

"This is all about the explosion of the middle class and the mass urbanization of certain countries," said Mark Strauss, president of Interior Design Media Group, a division of Sandow Media, in the article. "People are starting to have nicer homes, so they want nicer things, which in turn means that they want to see what those nicer things are."

Read the full article here.

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