| Oct 7, 2010 |
New online 'Sustainability Hub' offers info to UK designers
Boh staff
By Staff

Designed to be a one-stop portal for sustainability information and a platform for learning and discussion, RIBA developed the UK's first Sustainability Hub.

The site is designed to engage the architectural community with sustainability as an inspiration for design, and to pitch green design as an emerging business opportunity.

"In developing the Hub, we envisage that it will help to form the central, one-stop site for all of the Institute's work on sustainability," said RIBA President Ruth Reed.

The content will initially be centered around four core elements: a comprehensive set of design strategies illustrating how to embed the strategy through the conceptual stages of design; relevant and inspiring case studies focusing on the design process, not just the finished building; a blog introducing the latest projects and ideas relating to sustainability, content updates, and discussion regarding the experience of RIBA members—high-profile guest bloggers will also be featured alongside a number of regular contributors; and an expanding series of short films tied into the design strategies, each focusing on one architect, building and design strategy.

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