| Sep 13, 2010 |
Luxury campsite restaurant/exhibit built for idea sharing
Boh staff
By Staff

Design houses Iittala and Artek built custom  furniture, lighting and tableware, modern and future for a temporary restaurant and exhibit Hel Yes! unveiled in next week at London Design Festival 2010.

Conceived by Finnish and British designers Antto Melasniemi, Mia Wallenius and Klaus Haapaniemi,  Hel Yes! will serve as a melting pot of people and ideas and showcase the best in Finnish food and design. The title Hel Yes! aims to answer the questions: "Can furniture be made from trees thinned out from the forest? Can a new dinner set be created from donated plates? Can a restaurant gather ingredients straight from the forest? Can something new come out of foraging the old?"

The exhibition's lighting design, furniture and staff uniforms were designed by Fashion EAST designer Heikki Salonen, interior/furniture designer Linda Bergroth, sculptor/video artist Maria Duncker and furniture and product designer Harri Koskinen.

The space will mimic a campsite-like formation in the shape of a circle. Cashmere shawls and linen textiles from the new Klaus Haapaniemi luxury textile collection form canopy-style open tents on the edges of the main area. Diners can eat by candle light on camp beds.

Bergroth's custom tables were made from aspen trees thinned out from a forest near Helsinki. The special Iittala tableware is also a result of foraging: in an event organised in Helsinki earlier this year, participants were asked to trade in their beloved Iittala or Arabia plates and the story of their tableware for a complimentary dinner. Each table will also boast a set of Iittala's Art Works 2009 collection of unique, limited edition glassware designed by Harri Koskinen.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Finnish Institute in London.

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