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Jury announced for red dot award: design concept 2012
Boh staff
By Staff

The jury for the red dot award: design concept 2012 ensures that the best and most outstanding concepts receive the due commendation—the coveted red dot.

An internationally recognised quality label for excellent design, the “red dot” winners are featured in an internationally distributed yearbook, an exhibition in the red dot design museums in Germany and Singapore, a touring exhibition around the world, presentation on www.red-dot.de, and more.

Hailing from Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, China, Singapore, USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria and Finland, the jury panel will be judging and challenging each concept with their own unique perspective. Each brings extensive expertise in industrial design, design publications and design consultancies, all members of the jury are well respected authoritative figures in their respective fields.

Last year's winners, Kwon Do-hyuk, Kim Seok-woo, Seo Dong-han, In Sung-hoon and Lee Bum-ho, challenged themselves with reinventing the standard cylander potato chip packaging:

“It's the possibility to show ‘alternatives’ of current designs to the wider audience and point out what is and what will be possible, the latest trends in product design and how other designers interpret them,” said designer Gerald Kiska.

Gordon Bruce emphasizes the importance of design concepts in the world of design. “The red dot award: design concept allows for a vision that is a bit freer and open because it focuses mainly on the creativity issue - the first half of this equation in the same way that Leonardo da Vinci concentrated on his ideas as they evolved from experience, reasoning, and logic - that were all verified by testing - but not constrained by manufacturing and business issues,” he said.

The 21 categories include energy, mobility, interaction & communication and entertainment.

The competition welcomes all designers, companies, design studios and institutions to prove their design capability on the world’s largest platform for design concepts and prototypes to compete for the prestigious red dot label.

The last day for Standard submission for “red dot award: design concept 2012” is April 27. Late submission period: April 28 - June 27; Awards show: October 19. 

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