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How do you make the holidays special for your clients?

The holidays are in full swing this week, and however you celebrate, many are bound to have their clients in mind. We asked seven designers—Todd Howard Ezrin, Annie Obermann, Erin Sander, Chrissy Jones, Debbie Travin, Vy Truong and Han Dang—how they make this season festive for their clients.

How do you make the holidays special for your clients?
Todd Howard EzrinCourtesy of TOBE DesignGroup

Sweet Surprise

“Around this time of year, we give each client a personal gift—a pretty box of homemade chocolate bark made by my mother. Our clients love it. I once told one I was considering changing it, and they responded by saying, ‘Don’t you dare!’” —Todd Howard Ezrin, TOBE DesignGroup, Bethesda, Maryland

How do you make the holidays special for your clients?
Annie ObermannClayton Jenkins Photography

Give Back

“Although the holidays are a treasured time, they can run us all crazy. Attending gatherings, shopping for gifts and making time for those less fortunate seem to swirl together. We can easily get caught up in materialism, so as a company we have partnered with Unbound to sponsor children in Guatemala in the name of our clients. This is a nonprofit organization that works to combat poverty across the globe by helping families develop personalized plans based on their unique challenges, needs and skill sets. Unbound is built on a one-to-one basis, so we are directly connected to each person we sponsor. This creates a rewarding relationship for both.” —Annie Obermann, Forge & Bow Dwellings, Fort Collins, Colorado

How do you make the holidays special for your clients?
Chrissy JonesMadeline Tolle

Long Game

“Residential projects can take several months, especially if renovation is involved. Interior design is a very personal service, and over time you learn a lot about your client. It’s important to listen and take notes so that when the holidays approach, you can make the fairly long and sometimes burdensome process a little more fulfilling with a small gift that shows your appreciation for their business. I strive to provide an all-around luxury experience by treating my clients to something they like, such as a spa day, favorite wine or champagne, etc. I also like to include a hand-written note, with branded gift wrapping. I’ve found that this small and very thoughtful gesture goes a long way.” —Chrissy Jones, Twenty-Eighth Design Studio, Los Angeles

How do you make the holidays special for your clients?
Erin SanderCourtesy of Erin Sander Design

Fresh Touch

“The holidays are a really busy time for everyone—clients, vendors and our team. We try to plan as far ahead as we can to prepare for installs and meetings in December so as not to have any unexpected surprises during an already stressful time. If we are installing a client, we always bring lots of fresh greenery, beautiful holiday candles and Christmas touches to help their new space feel like home instantly. I also like to have small gifts on hand to give during meetings—items like our favorite luxurious soaps tied with fresh greenery. Gifts with purpose and luxury, not just cookies.” —Erin Sander, Erin Sander Design, Dallas

How do you make the holidays special for your clients?
Debbie TravinCourtesy of DLT Interiors

Read the Room

“I love to give a personalized gift for the holidays. Each client gets something that fits their individual decor and style. I will personally choose a present I think will look and work beautifully in their new home—it could be a special case for the entryway, for example, or a beautiful tray for their cocktail table.” —Debbie Travin, DLT Interiors, New York

How do you make the holidays special for your clients?
Vy Truong and Han DangMichael Ma

Eyes on the Prize

“Holidays in the design industry always equate to hectic, hectic, hectic. With the year wrapping up and gifts being ordered at a massive and rapid rate, shipments of design items, product samples and furniture pieces are always affected or delayed. Because this is out of our control but has a large impact on the scope of our services, we plan far in advance to combat the ‘holiday blues’ and prioritize items that may take the longest time to complete. As designers, the best gifts we can give our clients during the holiday season are completed projects and ease of mind.” —Vy Truong and Han Dang, Very Handsome Studio, Houston

Homepage image: Shadowy tones and weighty textiles come together in this Porter Ranch, Los Angeles bedroom designed by Chrissy Jones | Madeline Tolle

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