| Oct 3, 2011 |
Hearst Magazines president says “The Future Is Now”
Boh staff
By Staff

Hearst magazines president David Carey sent a note this morning calling for more energy and creativity from employees, and reinforced the company's goal to be the magazine company of the future.

"Today, thanks to our global acquisition of Lagardère’s Hachette titles [includingElle Decor] and our successful diversification strategies in digital publishing, marketing services and e-commerce, we have made giant strides toward achieving that goal. In fact, we can say it: 'The Future Is Now,'” he wrote.

"With our sights now set on becoming a ubiquitous presence in print, on the Web and on handheld devices, we must accelerate on all fronts. We have been looking forward to this moment.

To maintain the quality of our products and of our brilliant and able team, we must constantly identify new, smarter ways to create and distribute our media. We must continue to optimize our existing print businesses—tweak frequency, upgrade paper stock, both increase and decrease various rate bases as we invest in new areas of growth. We must evolve our business models and carefully manage our spending levels.

I am proud of what we have done to become a true multimedia company in this new age of digital delivery and of our progress in erasing the lines between our traditional roles. We are clearly stretching our capabilities, allowing us to achieve greater results in every one of our branded businesses.

We all agree it’s a lot easier to innovate when the wind is at your back, but the economy today is choppy and is likely to be for some time. So even as we hope for stronger U.S. and global economies, we must plan accordingly and keep up the momentum we’ve generated.

Even with these pressures, you have maintained your focus as we race to innovate, and I appreciate that. I’m grateful for your confidence in our goals and strategies, and for your help in evolving our company. But we need even more of your energy and creativity.

There’s no doubt that we are stretching our capabilities, mindset and potential via acquisitions, brand extensions, and the creation of entirely new businesses. It’s incredible to watch. Let’s keep it going. 'The Future Is Now,' indeed!"

Read the full press release here.

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