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Former Rose Tarlow exec launches two platforms for designers
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After nearly two decades leading strategic turnarounds for companies in the home furnishings industry—including Rose Tarlow Melrose House, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman and Cox LondonJobst Blachy is branching out, first with the re-launching of one company and then the founding of another.

Blachy acquired L.A.-based furniture and lighting line Quintus last November, taking hold of the exclusive brand sold in showrooms like Jerry Pair, Egg & Dart and Zimmer Rohde.

“I have been searching for a path toward ownership in our industry for many years,” said Blachy. “The acquisition of Quintus has given me the platform that I have been searching for.”

Jobst Blachy

Blachy is currently hiring for several strategic operations and sales positions, then plans to re-launch the brand this spring with an extensive new collection of furniture, which Blachy says will make the company a “key strategic partner for interior designers.”

“The cornerstones of the company will be exceptional design and extraordinary service,” said Blachy.

At the same time, Blachy launched a new company named Jobst + Makers, a sourcing and procurement outfit built for designers. The project partners with brands and interiors professionals to bring their designs to market, either for their own clients or for sale through the to-the-trade channel.

In addition, the company offers services in engineering and designing product, as well as finds sources to manufacture product, manages customer service, and offers sales and marketing support.

“For years I have had designers tell me that they hate the business side of running their businesses and that they wish they could just focus on the creative side of the business,” said Blachy. “I happen to love the operations and service side of the industry. I started Jobst + Makers to match amazing design talent with world-class manufacturing; and to handle all the details in between that most designers don’t like.”

The Jobst + Makers client list ranges from to-the-trade brands with more than 100 designs to small design firms with four to six designs. Blachy has a roster of makers that produce upholstery, wood furniture, bronze, and lighting, with locations throughout the United States, Central America and Asia.

“The combination of Quintus and Jobst + Makers is the realization of a lifelong dream for me,” Blachy said. “And I wouldn’t have these opportunities if it weren’t for the mentoring and support of Steve Mittman and Rose Tarlow. I am truly grateful for the doors opened and lessons learned by both of these industry leaders.”

Most recently Blachy was the President and CEO of Rose Tarlow Melrose House. In the wake of Blachy stepping down from his post, Tarlow has re-acquired control of her namesake company and is acting as President and CEO.

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