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Disc Interiors on the secrets of a great design partnership

Interior design is mostly a business of solo acts, so when a duo comes together and makes a name for themselves, there’s usually a reason—lifelong friends who started a firm; former colleagues who went out on their own; a married couple with professional chemistry. Disc Interiors, the Los Angeles–based team-up of David John Dick and Krista Schrock, may be unique in that their partnership began as something of a design blind date. “We didn’t know each other before we started working together—we had a coffee date and we were both like, ‘Let’s try working together!’ It was pretty immediate,” Schrock tells host Dennis Scully on the latest episode of The Business of Home Podcast. “We worked on one project, a tiny small project that led to a bigger project that led to a bigger project—it just kept going and going. … We had the same drive to build ourselves up and have a career.”

From that humble beginning in 2011, Dick and Schrock have slowly built one of L.A.’s buzziest design firms, specializing in a distinctly Californian aesthetic that is as relaxed as it is thoughtful. In recent years, the Disc duo have partnered with Lawson-Fenning for a collection; the company’s first book, a monograph with Rizzoli, debuted in 2021; and the pair are on the verge of opening a showroom for their own furniture line.

On this episode of the podcast, Dick and Schrock tell Scully the secrets of a great design partnership (carving out unique roles is key), why they don’t fear AI, and why a step-by-step approach has helped them find success.

Crucial insight: The current era is dominated by Type A thinking. Entrepreneurs are advised to develop five- and 10-year plans, identify their core values and imagine they’re CEOs of a vast corporation. All of that is great—but Dick and Schrock have taken a much more low-key approach to their firm, and it’s worked. “If we had written out a business plan, we would have just been overwhelmed.” says Dick. “We went in blindly with a really strong work ethic, and every day we just got a little bit done. I still feel like that’s really the key.”

Key quote: “If it was just me, I’d be paralyzed with fear [to take the next big step],” says Dick. “Having that support from each other allows us to not feel like what we’re doing is really big. Like, ‘Let’s just open up a showroom!’”

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Homepage image: Krista Schrock and David John Dick | Courtesy of Disc Interiors

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