| Jan 30, 2012 |
Bloomberg launches luxury lifestyle print magazine
Boh staff
By Staff

The 'Global Financial Elite' will  have a lifestyle magazine to peruse next month, Bloomberg Pursuits. The magazine will be distributed worldwide to the 375k financial professionals using Bloomberg Terminal, and it will also be sold on newsstands.

The readers are on average 38 years old and male, with an average income of $452k. They are defined as market-movers, business leaders, and influencers with discerning tastes.

Photo by Scott Frances from WWD.

"Constantly seeking more, they [readers] pursue the arts, fashion, real estate, travel, and unique experiences with fervor, curiosity, and an endless sense of style and individuality, according the the new magazine's media kit.

Bloomberg Pursuits will cover the world, including fashion in Asia, Brazil and Europe, adventures in Patagonia, jewelry in London, exotic cars in New York City, resorts in Laos, and more. Editorial content includes: Product Reviews, Destinations, Advice, Real Estate & Design, Fashion, Watches and more.

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