| May 16, 2016 |
ALT for Living headed uptown with new showroom and cafe
Boh staff
By Staff

ALT for Living, the decor-store–meets–coffee-shop known for its Chelsea location, is opening another branch uptown. The ALT Box showroom will open on Manhattan’s Upper East Side early next month as an appointment-only outpost offering a new collection of designer books, candles and accessories from artisans from around the world, in addition to the second iteration of A Little Taste cafe. Founder Analisse Taft shares her insights on the new locale.

How did you decide on the location for the new showroom? Did interior designers reach out?
Many interior designers have asked me over the years if I would ever open up in the D&D. I said, “No, never. It’s just not my business model.” Some complained that they wished something like this would open uptown. When the coffee bar became a success, I wanted to open another one (or few) so I thought, Why not do the same thing uptown? It certainly doesn’t exist. And now my clients have easy access to ALT right around the corner from the D&D!

How will the UES locale be different from the Chelsea showroom?
The new showroom is smaller, hence the name ALT Box, and it will be located in a town house setting. You will, of course, “feel” like this is an ALT showroom, but it will appear different in both aesthetics and concept.

Will you offer special services or programs for interior designers?
Time will tell, but I wouldn’t say no. I love interior design. Love. So if I have the time, we may offer small-project consulting services. Certainly nothing to compete with our design clients—I leave the big jobs for them!

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