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Spring High Point campaign focuses on ‘Inspiration’
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According to top designers like Thom Filicia, Barry Dixon, Nathan Turner and others, inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere. The newest High Point Market campaign focuses on the 'who, what, where and why' of the mysterious force that is essential to those working in design.

The Inspirations campaign follows last fall’s Fashion theme by highlighting the elements which inspire the trendsetters and tastemakers in the home world.

Kelly Edwards interviews Lela Rose, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Jaime Rummerfield, Ron Woodson, Christian Sirano, Thom Filicia for EditorTV.

"I have lived in New York now for 21 years and I always see something new and something inspiring," said Lela Rose in the video. "I bike everywhere I go and I kind of experience the city at a different speed, and whenever I travel I always bike around. I find that it's a time that your mind can be free, and I can't tell you how many things that I've seen that have inspired me."

"I live on a 400 acre farm in the middle of nowhere," said Barry Dixon. "I will literally leave my drafting table, grab the dog who's running after me, walk over to my barn, collect eggs, pick a thistle on the way back and when I get back to the drawing board I can't draw quickly enough. Honestly, its the natural world, which is the mother of all inspiration."

Filicia's "airport" inspired chair

"Inspiration is all about exposing yourself, keeping yourself open and really enjoying many different experiences and paying attention," said Filicia. "I have a piece of furniture inspired by a cigarette. I have a chair that was inspired by an airport and another chair that was inspired by an airplane."

"A lot of my inspiration comes from nature," said Candice Olson. "In Canada we've got four seasons. So, there's a wealth of inspiration that comes from the ever-changing landscape. I love the stormy sky palletes and earthy colors. I think that really resonates with a lot of people."

Kelly Edwards interviews Nathan Turner, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Julia Buckingham Edelmann, Heather Clawson, Barry Dixon, Candice Olsen, G. Alex Bernhardt Jr., Lillian August for EditorTV.

Many designers credit the ones who came before them as key inspirations. "I like to look to the past," said Turner. "I'm a big fan of David Hicks and Mario Buatta."

"I love Jacques Grange," said Jeffrey Alan Marks. "I've always been inspired by his work, it's amazing. John Saladino inspires me and Frances Elkins is probably one of my favorites. Her book is on my desk and I always look and see what she would have done."

The first three Inspirations articles published by the High Point Market campaign feature Cindy Hall of Hooker Furniture, Kevin O’Brien of Kevin O’Brien Studio, and Meredith Spell of Younger Furniture. They include interviews with designers that tell the story of how they were inspired to create a specific look or product. Complementing the photos and words is a Spotify soundtrack developed especially for each story.

More interviews will be added in the months leading up to the opening day of the High Point Market. Trends from the market will be pointed out by the High Point Market Style Spotters, who were selected earlier this month.

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