Sourcing Shortcuts to Get the Best Selections in Less Time for the Least Cost
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Instructor Melissa Galt, July 13, 2022; 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST. Online
July 13, 2022 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST

Finding the perfect products for your design projects is essential for your success—it shows your client what they didn’t know was possible and what they now can’t live without. To maximize profitability in your sourcing, you need the best quality products at the lowest possible cost, every time. (Hint: It’s the fastest way to grow a client’s project investment.) In this workshop, business coach Melissa Galt will explain how to build revenue relationships with your vendor reps while leveraging their expertise to streamline sourcing, helping you reclaim more time for design and avoid sourcing rabbit holes. Galt will also share an insider’s look at buying groups, which provide better options for purchasing and bring more value to every project.

In this class, attendees will learn how to:

- Build a trade team without hiring or managing anyone
- Stop selling retail and get the trade pricing you deserve
- Leverage trade partners to create more profitable projects
- Escape the “lazy loop” in sourcing and wow your clients with one-of-a-kind finds at every level

After this class, attendees will have: 

- Mastered the skills to make each project as original as their client and publication-ready 
- Learned to maximize their design visibility online with their trade partners and vendor team
- Practiced the proven process to streamlined sourcing, saving hours on every future project and growing their bottom line

Additional Information:

This workshop is conducted through Zoom webinar. All you need to join is reliable internet access and computer speakers with good volume.

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Melissa Galt is the business coach and marketing consultant for interior designers who want to earn more in less time with less stress. She works with designers worldwide who are ready to make the leap from “chief employee” on the hamster wheel of design to “creative CEO and visionary” of their firm, deploying proven processes and smart systems to streamline and strengthen businesses. As the successful CEO of her own residential practice for more than 25 years, Galt knows firsthand the challenges today’s designers face.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Cornell University,  which informs her expertise in building a sustainable practice with exclusive clients, exceptional income and the time and resources for an extraordinary life. The author of Marketing Luxury Design: Attracting Affluent Clients, design is in her genes: Her greatest inspiration, Galt says, is her great-grandfather, iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright.