KonMari® Consultant Certification Course (Virtual Event)
June 27-29
By registering for the KonMari® Consultant Certification Course, participants from all professional backgrounds, including design and architecture, will receive the training needed to expand their skill sets and offer their clients KonMari Method™ services. Whether it is a career path you’re passionate about or an opportunity for you to explore and enhance your organizational skill set – the KonMari® Consultant Certification Course can fit the needs of anyone looking to pursue the principles of tidying and the power of the KonMari Method™. The course includes: participation in a 3-day online consultant certification class, access to KonMari’s customer relationship management (CRM) tools and access to an optional 30-Day commitment networking event. Upon successful completion, consultants are provided with two certificates – one for course achievement and one for certified consultant. Other benefits upon completion include additional access to the KonMari network and resources including use of the KonMari.com ‘Find a Consultant’ page and closed consultant peer groups for support and advertising. The certification process takes approximately 4-6 months and includes a point of contact with KonMari Consultant Program Success Team and the appointment of an evaluator to answer your questions during the certification process and journey. The final step is an untimed exam that consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Once you have passed, you will onboard with a community manager and review the membership agreements. There is a one time fee of $2,250 in order to enroll in the course.
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