Business of Design® | BOD™ BOSS GROUP 2023
October 18-20
BOD™ BOSS Groups deliver a strategic agenda, sage guidance, financial expertise, and accountability to achieve more. More profit, fine-tuned systems, happier clients, a thriving career and a reliably successful future. This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. As a BOD™ BOSS, you will join qualified peers who, like you, are determined to achieve greater success in business and in life. As a BOD™ BOSS Group member you’ll join forces with a dedicated Board of Directors. BOD. See what we did there? Together with your group, Team BOD™ will push, prompt and love you to greater success. Visit the website for complete details.
Featured Events
Ann Sacks, New York, October 5
Seattle Design Center, Washington, October 6
CTRL Collective Office Space Pasadena, California, October 9
214 Modern Vintage, North Carolina, October 11