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Woodson and Rummerfield reinvigorate Stanley Furniture
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The 89-year-old Stanley Furniture brand has broken the mold of traditional merchandising by enlisting L.A.-based interior design team Ron Woodson and Jamie Rummerfield to redesign its flagship new showrooms at High Point Market (200 N. Hamilton) and the Las Vegas Market.

“This project has been so much fun,” said Woodson of Woodson and Rummerfield’s House of Design. “The Stanley staff has just been great. They opened their arms to us, and just said ‘do what you do.’ So, we were able to do that and we’ve gotten a great response from it.”

Woodson and Rummerfield

The showroom was divided into four “houses,” each representing a unique lifestyle: Coastal, Traditional, Contemporary and New Introductions, which highlight a combination of style categories. “We want to show product in the way that our customer’s customer expects to see it,” said Randy Wells, marketing director for Stanley Furniture. “We aren’t just creating furniture, we are creating new ways to merchandise and sell it.”

Woodson added, “We do really bold and fun interiors, and they wanted to infuse the way that we work into their showrooms. We used to have our own showroom that was designed and merchandised like a home, and they wanted to have that in all of their showrooms as well, so they hired us.”

According to Woodson, one of the challenges was mixing some of Stanley’s furniture with the Woodson and Rummerfield aesthetic. The goal was to really show how pieces could be used in various ways. The pair specifically used the same table in various places throughout the showroom, “We did that purposely to show the buyer and the consumer that these pieces are very user friendly across the board,” said Woodson.

Another challenge was the fact that everything for the showroom redesign was sourced locally and the designers were working on a budget. The pair dug through Las Vegas antique shops and found Asian and African art treasures that they were able to incorporate in the design.

Common themes to both the Las Vegas and High Point showrooms are architecture and display strategy. And again, Woodson and Rummerfield will be heading the design of the new showroom.

Established in 1924, Stanley Furniture Company, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of wood furniture targeted at the premium segment of the residential market. 

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