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Tom Delavan creates 'accessible' furniture collection for Gilt
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"I feel that in the fashion world, there are plenty of great designs at every price point, with runway filtering down to more affordable options—but that's less true in home design. So we believed there was an opportunity to offer great design at an accessible price point," said Tom Delavan, interior designer and Creative Director of Gilt Home.

This week, Delavan and the Gilt Home team launched the first-ever Gilt Home Collection, which represents a new take on Delavan's favorite vintage pieces, and consists of upholstery, rugs and pillows. Delavan's first foray into furniture, the collection will expand to case goods for the next iteration, and eventually lighting as well.

Delavan in the Gilt Home Collection's Luca Armless Chaise

"With the nature of our business at Gilt, we were able to get data/feedback in real time and understand what our members are looking for, so we developed the collection based on how we know people are truly shopping for their home," said Delavan.

The collection was created with functionality in mind, he explained. "A question we often get from customers is: I love this sofa, what rug would you recommend to go with it? Chair? Table? So with that in mind, every piece in the collection goes well with each other and can be mixed and matched to fit your personal style. It's easy to choose your favorites to mix and match that'll look great in any home. Plus, this allows shoppers to be confident in purchasing furniture online."

Glt Home Collection's Noah Hand-Knotted Shag

Delavan worked closely with Gilt buyers to understand which manufacturers he could work with to make pieces at the prices he knew their customers would respond to. Then, it was a matter of making design choices based on what he wanted the pieces to look like and feel like, and working with the vendors to develop the pieces from start to finish—from the type of wood they're using (like walnut), to the rug materials, to the different fabrics used for upholstery.

The process began only five months ago—an incredibly short timeline in the world of furniture, where production can often take years. "We have relationships with fantastic vendors who are able to produce incredible quality product and produce it quickly," said Delavan. Not to mention, the many hours Delavan spent on-site at at the manufacturing facility, working hand-in-hand with the craftsmen, helped keep the project on track.

The sale runs through Wed. 11/21 at 9pm ET at 30%-40% off the retail price. Once the sale concludes, the collection will remain permanently on Gilt Home but return to regular retail prices.

Gilt Groupe will be dedicating 20% of the purchase price of each item (up to a $10,000 donation) through November 21 to Habitat for Humanity to assist with relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

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