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Studio Four NYC unveils new designer collaborations
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This fall, Studio Four NYC is teaming up with top designers Amanda Nisbet, Katie Ridder, Tilton Fenwick and Carrier and Company to launch its first rug collection.

Clockwise from top: Amanda Nisbet, Katie Ridder, Jessie Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier and Company, and Ann Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick.

“We asked each designer to come up with images and inspiration and they worked with our artist to translate the images into rug designs,” said Stacy Waggoner, co-founder of Studio Four NYC. “We have really enjoyed working with these designers on their own custom projects and we thought this would be a great place to start building a collection of Studio Four rugs.”

"I am always creating customs rugs with Kate and Stacy for my various projects,” said Nisbet. “The opportunity to design for myself was so refreshing as the only jury to contend with was me! Studio Four is my one-stop shop and the process was organic, fun and really fulfilling as a designer. The rugs are bold, cheerful, textural and feel as good as they look."

According to Ridder, a needlepoint pillow that she had been designing and was in the middle of completing when Studio Four NYC asked her to design a carpet, inspired her design Ridder geometric.

“I tend to use quiet geometrics or antique carpets so this is a new venture for me,” said Ridder. “I like the gradation of color and the amount of white used, softening the structure.”

Ridder’s other design, Gigi, was inspired by an image her daughter had taken using an iPad app while on summer vacation last August. “It’s a kaleidoscope image of an 18th century needlework sampler,” she said.  “The colors are modern and I’ve already ordered one for a client in Arkansas.”

“Our rug collection for Studio Four NYC is based on vintage Japanese indigo dyed textiles,” said Mara Miller, co-founder of Carrier and Company. “We modernized them by exploding the scale and enhancing their abstraction. The wool flat woven rugs—‘water lilies’—are in punchy and graphic color combinations, while ‘stepping stones’ is more about lush neutrals with pattern glistening in banana silk.”

Studio Four NYC

Two rug patterns from each firm will be available in three different colorways, creating a total of 24 rug options, exclusively at Studio Four NYC beginning October 1.

Founded in 2009 by Kate Reynolds and Waggoner, Studio Four NYC is a young company, but Reynolds and Waggoner together have over 30 years of experience in selling custom textiles and carpets to interior designers. The showroom’s rugs, fabric and wallcovering lines are from places as nearby as Brooklyn and as far-flung as Sydney, Shanghai, Bali and Spain.

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