| Sep 22, 2015 |
Schumacher launches Bulletin, a new editorial angle
Boh staff
By Staff

Designers and industry pros opened a newly reimagined piece of mail last week. The Schumacher Bulletin, a catalogue-meets-newspaper, is the brainchild of Dara Caponigro, creative director at Schumacher and longtime shelter-magazine editor (Veranda, Domino, House Beautiful), and her staff of former editors. EAL caught up with Caponigro and asked her about the inaugural Bulletin, which features the new Miles Redd collection for Schumacher.

How does your past life as an editor impact your creative directorship at Schumacher?
I suppose you can’t take the editor out of me. It’s how I think. Having known Miles Redd since he started in the business, I’ve always been inspired by his knowledge and passion in regards to design, art and culture. And people love hearing what he has to say. Coming up with ideas on how to feature his myriad talents and his singular take on design was easy. The newspaper concept seemed like a refreshing throwback in our digitized world.

Tell us about your staff and your production process.
Our team at Schumacher is filled with former magazine editors. Between us we have all the major publications represented: Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Veranda, Domino and House Beautiful. The production process is just like that for a consumer magazine. The only difference is we’ve created our own ads!

Designers are sharing positive responses. Harry Heissmann said, “The Bulletin had my attention from the minute it arrived at my desk in a red envelope. It reminded me of a vintage issue of Interview magazine. And Dara’s letter made me feel like I knew Miles’s collection before I’d even seen it! What could be more exciting?” And Mark D. Sikes said, “The Schumacher Bulletin as a marketing tool is beautiful and brilliant!” Do you plan on producing another issue?

We hadn’t planned to do more than one edition, but given how well the newspaper has been received, you can definitely expect to see more. Next one up is spring of 2016. Editorial is all about telling stories, and Schumacher, with our 126-year-old legacy and our constant quest for what’s new and what’s best, has some great stories to tell. So, yes, you can expect to hear a lot more from us. We hope The Schumacher Bulletin will be something people eagerly await and that it will provide inspiration, surprises and a wealth of information about the world of design.

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