| Mar 24, 2010 |
Rare antique carpet collection to be exhibited and sold
Boh staff
By Staff

Claremont Rug Company today announced the acquisition of a private collection of antique 19th century Oriental rugs from a European family which had assembled the carpets over more than a century. The collection had been displayed over the past century in four principal residences in France, Italy, Manhattan and Rio de Janiero.

Included in the collection of 175 rugs are “some of the best Caucasian tribal rugs and Laver Kirman and Kermanshah Court carpets that we have ever seen,” said Jan David Winitz, founder and president of Claremont Rug Company. “Many of the oldest rugs (1825-70) have been in the family for generations. Some of the best pieces were purchased in Europe as far back as the middle of the 19th century when they were freshly off the loom.”

“For centuries, first-quality Oriental rugs have been considered a superb depository of wealth,” said Winitz. “Their great appeal has always been their non-volatility. They continue to rise steadily and quietly in value in virtually all economic conditions. As a result, the demand for the best 19th century rugs has risen significantly.”

At the end of 2009, two historically important rugs sold for more than $4 million each, one of which was a diminutive 3x5. "And our last private collection event created such a demand that we now have waiting lists for specific rugs from certain weaving groups,” said Winitz. Claremont’s carpets circa 1800 to 1910 have prices generally ranging from $20,000 to $500,000.

A major motivation for collectors, Winitz said, is that top-tier antique rugs provide another dividend: they are tangible investments that can be lived with and immensely enjoyed as they grow in rarity.

The Intercontinental Collection will be available for viewing and purchase, starting at 2 p.m. PDT on Thursday, April 1, on the Gallery website (www.claremontrug.com) and 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 3, at the showroom, 6087 Claremont Avenue in Oakland, CA.

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