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Natalie Shirinian dishes about her forthcoming documentary
By Staff

Publicist Natalie Shirinian of NES Creative has been working on new documentary, "Interior Motives," which explores the intersection of interior design and fashion. She premiered the film’s trailer at a June 4 cocktail party emceed by ELLE DECOR’s Design Editor at Large Mieke ten Have at Apparatus Studio with live music provided by KCRW's Chris Douridas, and tarot readings with Jamie Salazar.

Editor At Large spoke with Shirinian about her inspirations, her approach, and her style idols. Filming on the documentary, which will run about an hour-and-a-half, will be completed this fall, with a release date anticipated in early 2016.

Natalie Shirinian

When were you first struck by the relationship between fashion and interior design?

When I founded my creative agency, NES Creative Services, back in 2010, my first client was Mary McDonald. She was someone I had admired for years. Knowing she started off in fashion as a very successful milliner piqued my interest in the relationship between fashion and interiors. The stories that Mary would share with me over long dinners and our travels together fueled this passion to know more about how the two connect.

As my agency grew, I also noticed a pattern, that we were attracting design clients who began their careers in fashion or had a fashion background. As far as a particular designer, when I see what Rick Owens is doing with furniture, I’m blown away at how perfectly his aesthetic with clothing is reflected in his lighting and furniture collection.

How has the relationship between interior design and fashion evolved over time? Are there any notable historic crossovers between the two?

If you look at the likes of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, they were as meticulous with the design of their own home and atelier as they were with the collections they put out into the world. Every single detail had been thought through in order to tell the story they were trying to tell. And if you look at the history of interiors from very early on, interiors and couture were only accessible to a very select, mostly affluent group. Today, anyone with an appreciation for design and great style can have access.

Having a taste of luxury in your home or on your body is more fluid and more accessible, whereas in the past it wasn't so mainstream. This access to a larger audience has also given a lot of fashion houses the opportunity to extend their brands into interiors, which is intriguing from both a creative and lucrative standpoint.

Who did you interview?

We are interviewing designers who have crossed over from the fashion world to the interiors world or are immersed heavily in the fashion community because of their clients. Some of whom include: Ryan Korban, Mary McDonald, Iris Apfel, Gabriel Hendifar, Mark Sikes, Olivia Putman, Michele Lamy and Rick Owens. It’s an extensive list that offers intimate perspectives from every career level.

How was the film funded, and where will it be distributed?

We are in the middle of fundraising at the moment to continue production of the film, [with events in New York and L.A.]. Currently, the film is self-funded through passion, hard work and our fundraisers. There’s more info on how to support my film on our website. Once production is complete, we have our sights on film festivals and streaming services for distribution.

What were some of the surprising discoveries you made while researching and working on this film?

It has been great walking into designers’ homes for some of these interviews and noticing every detail they have put into their personal space.

Meeting people you have admired for years and getting an inside look at their talent is so special. This film will provide access to an otherwise private setting and allow the audience to connect with these designers on a deeper level. I also loved discovering collaborations that I didn't know about prior to filming, such as Maria Cornejo for Knoll textiles, Marchesa for Lenox, and Jason Wu for Brizo. It’s a very exciting time for the fashion-and-interiors relationship.

Learn more about the film and watch the trailer online, and follow Natalie on Instagram at @nescreative.

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