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Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’
Sep 3, 2010

Murray Moss, founder of Moss Gallery, will present an exhibition beginning September 15 entitled MAKE ME. featuring the emergence of ‘Butch-Craft’ in contemporary design.
According to Moss, the term 'Butch Craft' is defined by rough-hewn, virile, reductive, anti-academic, craft-driven, ‘tool-belt and heavy-lifting,’ which is realized with sensitivity and finesse and poetic narrative.
Moss believes art-in-design is on the brink of a tipping point, which opens the door to this new version of form and function. The aesthetic incorporates materials such as wood, iron, steel, marble, rush, paint, boiled leather, clay, baked agricultural waste, plant-life, gypsum drywall, and blood, sweat and tears.
MAKE ME. aims to articulate a phenomena whereby gilded bronze, exotic regionalisms, 3-D printed abstract futuristic forms no longer exclusively define art-in-design.
Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’
Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’     Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’
Moss presents new design aesthetic, ‘Butch-Craft’
The exhibition features a body of work by a collective of artists and designers including Peter Marigold, Oscar Magnus Narud, Joost Van Bleiswijk, Kiki Van Eijk, Marcus Tremonto, Qubus Design Studio, Studio Formafantasma, Aaron Raymer, Drift, Christopher Chiappa and Simon Hasan.
Also featured are iconic Brazilian works (1954 to 2002) by Sergio Rodrigues for LinBrasil and The Mangiarotti Collection debuting historical design (1953 to 1978) by Angelo Mangiarotti for AGAPEcasa.
MAKE ME.  will run through November 14.

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