| Mar 25, 2015 |
Morpholio launches ‘Board’ for interior designers
Boh staff
By Staff

Morpholio Board 2.0 is an app bringing design and design collaboration into the cloud-computing era by creating an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for creating and sharing at every stage of the design process.

Essentially, tech studio Morpholio partnered with interior designers to bring the mood board to an electronic platform with a boarder impact. “This is a tool created with and for the interior design world that we absolutely hope will be co-opted by pinners, bloggers, design enthusiasts and creatives of all types,” said Anna Kenoff, the app’s co-creator.

Board's "Web Clipper" function.

The goal? Get style, products and sketching in one platform to give designers a mobile space where ideas could more easily be built, accessed and shared. “If Pinterest is like your iTunes library, then Board is where you make your playlist,” said Kenoff. The software is an extension of existing design workflows so that designers don’t need to find a desktop to keep working when inspiration strikes.

Elements of the app include Gallery, which features furniture, accessories and materials curated by design experts with links to official websites and Tag It, the space where Board compiles a list of all objects clipped form Gallery or online. Tag It will email the list directly to a specified address, and essentially allows designers to digitally carry samples with them. The Conference Table allows easy access to sideline items, which stay hidden in the margins until needed, where as The Portal allows designers to pull images from the web, whether from Pinterest or personal libraries. Illustrate allows designers to draw or write over any sketch or image, while Broadcast facilitates instant sharing via social media or email.

Board can be accessed and edited from mulitple devices.

“Interior design, like other forms of creativity, is going to be simultaneously broadened and deepened. The app is giving a new accessibility to design boards, bringing in a broader audience to participate,” said Mark Collins, co-creator of Board. “The integration we see between board, the web, and the products gallery also deepens the engagement and productivity at work in this kind of media.”

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