| Dec 17, 2015 |
Laurel & Wolf debuts design giveaway in holiday spirit
Boh staff
By Staff

Interior design service Laurel & Wolf is getting in the holiday spirit. The digital start-up, which provides reasonably priced design packages, surveyed locals at the Melrose Trading Post flea market in Los Angeles, asking: “Is it really better to give than to receive?” The majority replied positively. To test whether the axiom rang true, Laurel & Wolf chose a respondent, Olivia, at random, and offered her a free classic design package, including $10,000 worth of furniture from ATG Stores. The hook: Olivia couldn’t keep it for herself—she had to give it to someone else. She chose two friends, Kate and Shirin, who live in Venice, California, and who had welcomed her when she first moved to the area.

In its debut Better to GiveAway makeover, Laurel & Wolf surprised Kate and Shirin and transformed their apartment in one day.

“We always say it’s better to give than receive, and the holidays are a time when the act of giving is widely embraced,” Andrew Cagan, director of brand and content marketing at Laurel & Wolf, tells EAL. “Rather than run a traditional giveaway, we wondered what would happen if we let a complete stranger take over for us and choose a recipient that truly deserved to have this meaningful room-transformation experience. It was amazing to see how much it meant to Olivia to be able to share this gift with two people who mean so much to her, and it only reaffirmed that it really is better to give.”

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