| Mar 20, 2013 |
Indiana Design Center welcomes ‘real estate café’
By Staff

RE/MAX Ability Plus is set to open a 3,500 square foot office space on the first floor of the Indiana Design Center (IDC) on June 1, home to over 30 residential real estate agents based in Carmel, Indiana.

“It just makes sense,” said RE/MAX owner Jimmy Dulin. “I felt the proximity was key, the IDC is in the heart of an entire arts district and walkable area, a very booming area,” he said. “Connecting my agents and the consumer with the design center—it’s a perfect fit.”

According to Dulin, the new office space will be designed like a “real estate café,” wide open and welcoming. He plans to host events and to make it more like a venue than an office.

“People are going to walk into our office off the street and think ‘wow, my real estate broker works out of this building? What’s this all about?’” said Dulin. “It will bring a totally new group of people into the IDC that may have never even known it existed.”

According to Andrea Kleymeyer, marketing director at the IDC, not only do RE/MAX agents help their clients find a home, but they can take it one step further by exposing their clients to the many resources available through the design center. The IDC's Concierge and Designer-On-Call programs make this a very simple introduction for the real estate agent to make for their client.

“I think it's fair to say most new homeowners have a check-list of improvements or design tweaks for their new home,” said Kleymeyer. “The Indiana Design Center is the place to start that process whether making selections on one's own or partnering with a design professional.”

“I especially think the design center will be an excellent resource for agents who have clients who are new to the market,” she added. “What is better than a one-stop shop for your home when you are trying to get settled and learn the area?”

The IDC and Re/Max Ability Plus marketing teams have had very productive brainstorming meetings and discussions on how to leverage strengths and work together.

“Not only will IDC offer a new venue for Re/Max events, I envision us partnering together on events that cater to agents as well as clients,” said Kleymeyer.

RE/MAX has no plans to move into other design centers across the country, this is the first opportunity to make such a move, according to Dulin.

“I do believe that I will continue to explore placing my real estate firms inside buildings with purpose,” said Dulin. “If we can connect the purpose of the building to our purpose as a business, then it just makes sense.”

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