| Dec 14, 2010 |
IKEA receives 'Retailer of the Year Europe' award
Boh staff
By Staff

'Retailer of the Year' is the largest consumer survey in Europe featuring input from 10 European countries and 1.45 million consumers evaluating 1100 retail chains.

In seven out of the 10 countries, IKEA is in the top 5 of the 'best' retail chains with the largest impact being value for money, pricing, special offers and product range. It ranked number one in Switzerland and Portugal.

The questionnaire began in May and asked consumers to assess several retail chains where they have shopped in the past year. Based on the average score, the overall winner is determined for each country.

The winner of the European overall prize was determined based on the top-5 classifications in all countries, where number 1 receives 5 points and number 5 receives 1 point.

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