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IKEA launches "life improvement" initiative
Sep 16, 2010

In an effort to deepen its connection with consumers—beyond products and services, IKEA has launched an initiative aiming to support its customers in life-improvement projects at home and beyond.
The initiative, titled The Life Improvement Project, is designed to help people build a better life and community by offering seminars in stores across the country, along with a sabbatical contest where IKEA will offer one lucky customer the chance to spend a year (and $100,000) improving the lives of others.
IKEA launches "life improvement" initiative
They ask customers to share their dreams, pitch the non-profit they've always wanted to start, or describe their ongoing passion to volunteer—2,000 characters or less. Judges are looking for creativity, originality and ambition.
Four illustrated life-improvement manuals available on the project website are Closet Organization, Reward Exercise, Save The Honey Bees, and Drink More Water.

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