| Mar 22, 2011 |
Florida bills aim to deregulate interior design industry
Boh staff
By Staff

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and its members yesterday announced their opposition to two proposed bills to deregulate certain professions and occupations and reduce current regulations. The legislation would removing safeguards designed to protect the consumer from the purview of the Business & Consumer Affairs laws in Florida.

“It is urgent given the current economic climate in Florida that we preserve regulatory reforms that protect the public in these difficult economic times,” said ASID Director of Government and Public Affairs Don Davis. “Wholesale deregulation of these industries will only create opportunities for fraud and will harm consumers in the states. Without these protections, consumers, particularly the elderly, are at risk of being taken advantage of by unlicensed professionals and unscrupulous business practices. “

ASID posits that this deregulation will disrupt small business and remove key safeguards vital to keeping the economy on track by eliminating regulatory programs that provide stability for business and certainty in the marketplace.

Both bills are scheduled to undergo full debate on the House floor. No date is currently scheduled.

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