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Emeco offers cash for clunker program for chairs
Dec 3, 2009

From now through February 2010, aluminum chair company Emeco will recycle unwanted chairs and repurpose them into future products for the Emeco line. The company will offer a 50% discount on any chair and stool in its catalog to anyone sending in an old, clunker aluminum chair. Denis Tangen, who runs Emeco's production and thought up the scheme, said, "I keep seeing those cheap, beat up aluminum chairs - and worse, the Chinese knock-offs. This is a way to recycle those and get people some brand-new, real Emeco chairs that will last forever." Emeco will collect the old chairs, no matter their condition, and recycle them into usable aluminum to make new Emeco chairs. All Emeco chairs and stools are made of 80% recycled aluminum and most come with a life-time guarantee. Emeco was founded in 1944 to make all-aluminum chairs for the US Navy. Since then, the company has collaborated with architects Philippe Starck, Frank Ghery, Norman Foster, Ettore Sottsass and Andree Putnam to create collections. Please visit for more information.

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