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Eight design center publications decoded
By Staff

Design centers have always been the first-stop for designers looking to source furnishings and find inspiration. Now, they are looking to star in an extended role in designers’ digital lives via a variety of blogs, magazines and weekly e-newsletters covering everything from industry news to product resources.

Editor at Large broke down what the Cohen Design Centers (DDB, PDC, DCOTA, DCH), the New York Design Center, the San Francisco Design Center, the Seattle Design Center, the Indiana Design Center, the Boston Design Center, the Michigan Design Center and ADAC are doing to keep the industry informed. Read on to learn more.

Cohen Design Centers (DDB, PDC, DCOTA, DCH)

Type of publication: Go Design Go blog

Frequency: Two posts daily

Editorial: The blog covers design center markets, showroom news and events, new product launches and collection debuts, designer profiles, product and trend round-ups. Go Design Go also spotlights showhouses and charity events and features regular series such as "Inside the Design Studio" and "Family Businesses.”

Circulation: The blog averages around 900-1,000 page views per month. Weekly newsletters with top stories from the blog are emailed to the DDB, PDC, DCH and DCOTA mailing lists.

Submissions: Story ideas may be submitted via email.

New York Design Center

Type of publication: ARRAY magazine

Frequency: The magazine is published three times a year with Winter/Spring (February), Summer (June) and Fall (October) editions.

Editorial: ARRAY’s editorial is organized in two primary parts. The first consists of showroom coverage highlighting new pieces, specific spaces and general interest about the New York Design Center. The other focuses on project-centric editorial highlighting both well-known and up-and-coming designers in New York City and around the country.

Circulation: Copies of each issue of ARRAY are distributed to all showrooms in the New York Design Center, and are available at the NYDC Café and throughout the building. Issues are also mailed to interior designers, architects and specifiers throughout the tri-state area and across the country. ARRAY is also available on select newsstands and subscriptions may be ordered at arrayny.com.

Submissions: Designers and showrooms can email in submissions.

San Francisco Design Center

Type of publications: 3D ~ Definitive Design & Décor magazine and the Design Wire blog

Frequency: 3D ~ Definitive Design & Décor magazine releases one volume annually and the Design Wire blog is weekly.

Editorial: Both publications feature SFDC news and event happenings, interior designer projects, the best in art and design at the time, what’s new at the SFDC and heritage/history pieces about the Bay Area.

Circulation: The magazine is mailed to 20,000 design professionals and pre-qualified homeowners; 5,000 are distributed on-site during the year. Visitors to the San Francisco Design Center website have access to the Design Wire blog.

Submissions: The San Francisco Design Center hires an independent editor who works with an advisory board to set the direction of each issue. The editor often includes features that will highlight showrooms.

Boston Design Center

Type of publication: ID Boston magazine

Frequency of publication: Quarterly

Editorial: The magazine pursues high-end interior design and architecture projects, other sections include accent products, trends, designer profiles, cuisine, travel and cultural goings-on.

Circulation: The print version is distributed quarterly by mail and an online copy can be accessed on the BDC website.

Submissions: Those interested can contact Editor in Chief Chessie Breen via email.

Seattle Design Center

Type of publications: By Design magazine and Front & Center e-newsletter

Frequency: By Design is published twice a year and Front & Center is published bi-monthly.

Editorial: Stories cover design center events/happenings and include features about business, skill development, trends, etc.

Circulation: 17,000 readers receive the publication via mail and it’s also available online.

Submissions: Showrooms and designers can submit product information and can suggest story ideas via email.

Indiana Design Center

Type of publications: The Indiana Design Center provides four pages of exclusive design industry content to Sophisticated Living magazine published bi-monthly, as well as a blog on the design center’s website

Frequency: Sophisticated Living magazine is published six times per year. Blog posts are published 1-2 times per week.

Editorial: Local design industry news, national trends, event news and recaps, showroom and designer profiles, designers favorite finds, new store openings and product announcements.

Circulation: SL magazine is mailed to 10,000 households in the Indianapolis metropolitan area and the blog is available on Indiana Design Center website.

Submissions: Designers and showrooms may submit ideas to the marketing team via email.

Michigan Design Center

Type of publications: Michigan Design Center @home, an 84-page print magazine, as well as a blog on the design center’s website.

Frequency: Once a year, moving to twice a year in 2015. Blog posts are published weekly.

Editorial: At least two complete residential design features appear per issue, as well as shorter stories that focus on specific topics like kitchen trends, incorporating antiques and collectibles into a design plan, how to select and work with a designer, entertaining features (including recipes), and more.

Circulation: 45,00 copies are printed. Most are mailed, but some are distributed at various charity events through the year, and the blog is available on the Michigan Design Center website.

Submissions: The Michigan Design Center staff approaches showrooms and the design community for story ideas and projects, and all the writing is done in-house.


Type of publications: Digital newsletters

Frequency: Weekly and monthly

Editorial: Upcoming events, recent award winners, showroom openings and expansions, announcements of new lines available at the Center and spotlights on new and exciting design products. ADAC tries to provide a holistic look at the Center and Southeastern design community in each “issue.”

Circulation: More than 14,000 people receive the monthly and weekly e-newsletters.

Submissions: ADAC looks to its showrooms to provide content on their new lines and hot products each month. Industry associations and media partners consistently approach ADAC with announcements and events that they would like help promoting. All ideas are welcome. Contact the marketing department for additional information.

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